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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Serving the Underserved

Melanie Wilcox is an associate professor at Augusta University. Dr. Wilcox's research looks at issues related to racial and economic justice in a number of different areas pertaining to mental health and psychotherapy services.


Kelly Whitt knew she had a passion for sports, but didn't know what path to take until her time at LCCC. After completing several high profile internships, Whitt found a passion for human resources.

LCCC Receives Two Major Gifts

During 2021, LCCC received two gifts of approximately $1 million each from the generous contributions of two very special members of the LCCC community.

Just Around the Bend

Dr. Vanesa Mora Ringle came to the U.S. from Chile with her family when she was 10. They settled in Allentown where they found a supportive Latinx community. She overcame early struggles to go on to earn her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and become a U.S. citizen.

Sleight of Hand

Alani Jimenez is an award winning artist who has been doing caricatures for over 13 years. He started doing caricatures at a local theme park in Allentown for the summer. Now, he manages a year-round Caricatures and Facepaint operation at fairs nationwide.

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