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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Campus Community Called to Service

Many college students find ways to serve their community through small efforts. For other students, they serve their community on the largest scale—through enlisting in the United States National Guard. Those who choose to serve while striving to complete their higher educational goals face a unique set of challenges. Kaden Finch, first-year paralegal studies major at LCCC, and Angel Mulero-Collazo, manufacturing instructor at LCCC, both share these complex experiences and challenges.

Veteran Establishes Empowerment Group

“In 2016, I realized my calling. I wanted to establish a veteran’s support group for women in the Lehigh Valley. I had all these skills from helping and teaching – public speaking, facilitating – but I didn’t have the business skills to start my own non-profit. So I went back to school,” recalled Jennifer Pacanowski, founder and director of Women Veterans Empowered & Thriving (WVE&T) and class of 2020 alumna of Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC). “I had found my dream and my calling, I just needed to learn the skills to achieve my dream – and that’s why I started at community college.”

Visual Media Program Gets Students Industry Ready

From photography and video production to digital storytelling and social media management—seeing is indeed believing when you see where students and alums are landing with Lehigh Carbon Community College’s visual media program.

A Lasting Impact

Lehigh Carbon Community College graduate Richard Guarino may never know what his life would be like had it not been for a conversation he had back in the 1980’s. What he is certain of however, is that that singular conversation put him on the trajectory that led him to find fulfilling work in the criminal justice field while earning multiple certificates, degrees, and a Ph.D.

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