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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Keeping the Country Moving

Russell Lande has taken a circuitous route to his new career as a truck driver, a 2021 graduate of the Lehigh Carbon Community College Commercial Drivers License training. “I don’t think people realize how truly important and necessary truck drivers are to their everyday lives.” Lande is in the perfect position to see the vital role truckers play, thanks to a lifechanging opportunity from Lehigh Carbon Community College and the federal government.

Learning to Love Learning

There are many reasons individuals put off going to college. For 2020 Lehigh Carbon Community College graduate Suliarys (Aries) Contreras, it was because she didn’t have a positive perception of school. After her mother encouraged her to apply to LCCC, she soon found a love for studying psychology through her participation in the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program. Her love of learning has opened many doors for educational opportunities and scholarships.

Fé Foundation Students Enter into Entrepreneurship

Finding the right balance between creativity and business can be tricky, but one innovative program is working to help high school students better understand that balance. Lehigh Carbon Community College hosted high school students from across the Lehigh Valley in the Future Entrepreneurs Summer Program on July 18 and 22. Participants Silas Taylor and Daniel Rohlsen share their experiences in the program.

Alumna Finds Sweet Success in Business

For Lehigh Carbon Community College alumna Jessica Dean, living with a tree nut allergy meant missing out on desserts and other foods that contain trace amounts of nuts, and she used that as an impetus to strive toward a better future for others like her.

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