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Lehigh Carbon Community College

‘You Broke It, You Fix It’: Rebuilding a Community Through Hope

Released from prison in the summer of 2019 after a 13-year sentence for distribution and trafficking, LCCC Alum Jose Rivera is taking his own steps to rebuild a community that he helped break.

LCCC Commencement Student Speakers and Student of the Year Honored

Student Speakers Jennifer Pacanowski and Daniel Melin, and LCCC Faculty Association Student of the Year Rodolfo Arroyo were honored at Lehigh Carbon Community College's 53rd Annual Commencement Ceremony on August 12, 2020.

Dancing to Her Own Beat

Samantha Fruhwirth has spent most of her life dancing to her own beat, and making her own path. A 2015 graduate of LCCC, Fruhwirth has a lifetime of world experience, and is using her view of the world to improve the way we inhabit it. From her beginnings at LCCC to studying in Japan to creating a food startup to designing sustainable living spaces, Fruhwirth has never let where she was on her journey define her.

A Clear Road Forward

Jill Clipper found herself at a crossroads after events she couldn't control derailed the career she thought she wanted. At the advice of a friend, she re-enrolled at LCCC 15 years after earning her first degree, and calls it the best thing she has ever done.

The Power of Positivity

An unexpected medical diagnosis can forever change a person’s life. For Lehigh Carbon Community College alumna Saschelle Mandoza, it was not one but four diagnoses in the span of two years that were somehow both life changing and life affirming.

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