Culinary Arts A.A.S. (CUL)

The Culinary Arts program prepares students withboth professional culinary knowledge and hospitality management education to prepare them for successful, long-term careers in the hotel, restaurant or foodservice industry. In addition to taking key hospitality courses, students will complete the yearlong Culinary Arts Certificate program as part of this degree. The Culinary courses focus on sustainable or farm-to-table culinary arts skills, with a focus on local sourcing and farm-fresh ingredients. Students receive classroom and practical
applications instruction in a kitchen facility.

Typical jobs for which graduates of this program are expected to be qualified include front-of-the-house operations, restaurant manager, guest services associate, catering assistant, line cook, prep cook, executive steward, kitchen manager, sous chef and a variety of other foodservice management positions. Upon completion of the program, qualified graduates are hired by hotels, restaurants and institutional foodservice facilities. Students who complete the program may be able to continue studies in Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Pastry
Arts or Gastronomy at a four-year college or university.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

• demonstrate knowledge of operational procedures in hospitality management.
• analyze sound planning and execution in special events and catered functions.
• demonstrate behaviors characterizing and defining hospitality professionals.
• apply technical knowledge associated with hospitality professionals in food service organizations.
• explain sustainable stewardship and describe how to apply this principle to food service organizations.

Program Curriculum Culinary Arts A.A.S. (CUL)
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