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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Hispanic students enrolled in one of 25 STEM programs at Lehigh Carbon Community College have the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 spread across two consecutive semesters of enrollment, to participate in the NSF HSI STEM program.

Students must meet the following criteria to receive the scholarship:

  • U.S. citizen or national, refugee alien, or permanent resident alien
  • Enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits per semester in an eligible STEM program
  • Have a demonstrated financial need, as determined by LCCC’s Financial Aid Office, Pell grant recipient or FAFSA application
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher at the time of application
  •  Enroll in SDS-109- 05 (Cohort section, Tuesday 2:20 – 3:42 pm) during the first semester of enrolling in this program

Eligible STEM Programs

Sciences Computer Sciences & Mathematics Engineering & Technology
Biology A.S. Computer Forensics and Digital Security A.S. Drafting and Design A.A.S.
Chemical Technology A.A.S. Computer Game and Simulation Development – Digital Arts A.A. Electrical Engineering Technology A.A.S.
Chemistry A.S. Computer Game and Simulation Development – Programming A.S. Electrical Technology A.A.S.
Environmental Science A.S. Computer Generated Animation and Digital Arts A.A.S. Electronics Technology A.A.S.
Physics A.S. Computer Information Systems A.S. Engineering A.S.
Computer Science A.S. Industrial Automation A.A.S.
Computer Specialist – Network Technology and Security A.A.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology A.S.
Computer Specialist – Programming Concentration A.A.S. Mechanical Technology A.A.S.
Computer Specialist – Web Design and Development  A.A.S. Nanofabrication Technology A.A.S.
Mathematics A.S. TV/Film A.A.

Priority Deadline: July 1 for fall semester; December 15 for spring semester.

Mentorship Opportunity

Interested students will have the opportunity to become peer mentors from the NSF HSI STEM Grant Program. Peer mentors will be students who have successfully completed their first-semester in the program and, thus, have gained valuable experience navigating the campus environment and understanding the rigors of studying within a STEM discipline. The peer mentors will dedicate and will be paid for approximately 5 hours per week to support their mentees, utilize the structured study lab as a venue to check-in with their mentees, develop connections, and provide resources and support. The peer mentors will also maintain good academic standing and demonstrate the ability to work independently and as a program team member.


 Deepika C. Khilnaney

Deepika C. Khilnaney

Associate Professor of Physics/Coordinator of Sciences
Schnecksville, PA
 John D. Loughman

John D. Loughman

Professor of Biology/Coordinator of Sciences
Schnecksville, PA