Mathematics Assessment Testing
The Mathematics Division at Lehigh Carbon Community College is committed to helping you to achieve your educational goals. However, in order to do so, it is critical that you are placed in an appropriate course; that is, a course in which you have a reasonable chance of succeeding. For this reason, if you wish to take a mathematics course, you must first take the mathematics assessment tests. Based upon the results obtained on these tests, you will be placed in an appropriate course.  

Math Links
This link to The Texas Instruments Student Center will provide you with interactive tutorials that will help you learn how to use your TI graphing calculator.This link to Math Archives will provide you with links to a variety of mathematical topics, software, etc.

A selection of mathematics websites. offers on-demand modular courses that target key math concepts, recreational math, 24/7 live online tutoring, and expert answers to math questions, etc. ( is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, California.

The Math Forum is a research and educational enterprise of Drexel University. It provides resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational products and services.

Mathematics Course Expectations
You will find that college mathematics courses are conducted differently than high school mathematics courses. In high school you did most of your work in class and spent an average of one hour on each assignment. In college you will only spend about two and a half hours per week in class, and you will be expected to do much more work outside of class.

As a general rule, to do well in your college mathematics classes you must spend about three hours outside of class for every hour that you spend in class.

Another major difference is the quantity of material that is covered by each exam. In your high school mathematics classes you were tested on small segments of information. That resulted in your having about six or seven major tests in any given marking period. In your college mathematics classes, you will probably have only three or four major exams in a semester, and you will have a final exam that is truly comprehensive in nature.

In some of your college mathematics courses, it is also not unusual to cover in one semester what may have been covered in an entire year in high school, and thus the pace of the course is much faster.

It is imperative that you do not miss class and always do all homework in a timely fashion. Success in college level mathematics courses only comes with a lot of hard work; if you are placed in the correct course, go to class, do all of the homework in a timely fashion, and seek help when needed, your chances of succeeding are greatly enhanced.

Associate Professor