ADN Program Admission Requirements

Admission to the Nursing Program is selective due to the limited number of spaces available in courses that require clinical practice in hospitals and other health care settings. Selection is based on an objective point system. All students who meet the admission criteria are ranked according to: grades earned in general education courses required for the A.A.S. degree. Applicants will be awarded five points for each A grade; three points for each B grade and one point for each C grade. No points awarded for D and F grades. The cumulative score earned from completed course work is added to the overall ATI-TEAS score. Applications are rank ordered and the most qualified candidates are offered a seat for admission into the nursing program. ATI-TEAS is required. 

PA Dept. of State, Title 49, Chp 21: State Board of Nursing
§21.01 Selection and admission standards.

(c) Applicants shall have completed work equal to standard high school course with a minimum of 16 units, including 4 units of English, 3 units of Social Studies, 2 units of Mathematics (1 of which is Algebra) and 2 units of Science with a related laboratory or the equivalent.

  • Applicants must complete the free online college application and the program application.
  • Applications are due February 1 for the fall admission and June 1 for spring admission.
  • To apply, click the link below.  When prompted, login to the myLCCC Student Portal and choose the application for the program to which you wish to apply.
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