College courses can be different than the courses you took in high school. You are expected to spend 2-3 hours per credit studying outside of the classroom. So, if you are taking 15 credits you will need to plan for more than 30 hours of study time each week.

LCCC has many services and programs to help you be successful in your courses, including Educational Support Services and your Advisor. FYE also has activities to help you be successful.
  • Summer Bridge – Summer Bridge is a two week program where students can strengthen their Math and study skills. Contact us at myfye@lccc.edu for more information.
  • First Year Seminar – Some majors and programs require students to take a first year seminar (FYS) course. These courses are designed to help students transition to college and be successful. While all of the courses share common learning outcomes they also include specific information related to a career pathway or major.
  • Academy – The A+cademy at the Morgan site in Tamaqua is a weekly study group open to all students. Tutors and faculty are available to assist students with their homework and reinforce information covered in classes. There are also a variety of speakers during the semester.
  • A3 - The A3 (CRM Advise) early alert and student tracking module of the Ellucian platform, is to help LCCC improve student retention. A3 provides faculty with an easy to use tool to help identify students at-risk of underachieving or under attending. Students are made aware of their at-risk status and informed of services and resources available to help them succeed. The Academic Advising Services manages follow-up action with students and coordinates as needed with other campus faculty and staff. The goal is to retain students so they can complete theeir pursuit of a degree/transfer to four year university/college at LCCC.