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Lehigh Carbon Community College


Our mission is to assist in the development of each student by providing appropriate, educational, social and recreational programs in a safe, supportive and fun environment. We focus on helping students to better understand themselves, others, and develop an appreciation for life long learning. We model and teach leadership, self discipline, and respect for each person.


  • To promote, support and contribute to the academic success of each student by providing services and activities. In addition, to partner with faculty and staff members to collaborate on learning experiences outside of the classroom.
  • To enhance institutional recruitment efforts and First Year Experience (FYE) initiatives by providing activities and programs that complement and support the Enrollment Management Plan and the FYE Plan.
  • To create a comprehensive year-long calendar of events which includes programs and activities that are congruent with our mission statement and help to develop the identified learning competencies.
  • To work collaboratively within our team and other departments to utilize all communication venues available to us to promote and encourage participation in our programs. In addition, we will analyze the effectiveness of the various methods of communication and prioritize our efforts to maximize our message and response rate.

The Student Life Office works with students, faculty and staff to support clubs at Lehigh Carbon Community College. We will assists with the formation of new clubs, the revitalization of inactive clubs, recruitment of members, budget oversight, fundraising initiatives and program planning.

Students benefit substantially from being involved in campus organizations. Involvement in clubs helps students develop skills employers are seeking: decision making, leadership, cooperation and communication. Being involved in programs, clubs,, college committees and activities helps foster intellectual, social, cultural and recreational development of students. In addition, this involvement establishes a sense of community among students, faculty and staff. Students are able to enhance their learning and personal development by getting involved in educationally purposeful extracurricular activities.

Listed below are some of the responsibilities of the Student Life Office. Our goal is to be the best possible resource for students, faculty and staff in our campus life endeavors.

  1. Serves as a liaison between all student groups and the college administration and SGA.
  2. Insures clubs understand and follow college policies and procedures. Our office will provide the necessary forms to meet compliance with college policies.
  3. Provides guidance and support in starting a new club.
  4. Encourages cultural, leadership and civic engagement activities through SGA and the Student Life Office.
  5. Supervises all SGA events, activities and meetings.
  6. Manages the SGA budget and creates and distributes monthly club budget statements.
  7. Helps to promote student clubs and their activities.
  8. Assists with the coordination of all club events, programs and activities including travel to conferences/events/activities.
  9. Maintains and distributes the Student Club Handbooks.
  10. Coordinate monthly club council meetings.

Other Services


Ms. Gene Eden
Director of Student Life

Office Location

Berrier Hall, Lower Level
Room BH 5