Download the LCCC Clubs Brochure

  • Animation and Designer’s Club
    This club will teach the members new skills and abilities in the realms of animation and various forms of design. These abilities would include logo design, modeling, animation, Photoshopping, and many other forms of design.
    Advisor: Scott Tice,; 610-799-1077
  • Anime Club
    The LCCC Anime Club promotes knowledge of art, cosplay, and the appreciation of animation and the underlying culture.
    Advisor: Tracey Williams,; 610-799-1565
  • Art Club

    The purpose of the Art Club is to unite LCCC students that have a passion or interest in art. The Art Club offers open studio time, organizes student art events, encourages participation in art events on or off campus, and gives back to our community through art.. Find us on Facebook.
    Advisors: Heather Werner,; 610-799-1050 

  • Associate Degree Nursing Student Organization (ADN SNO) – SNAP Chapter
    The purpose of this club is to foster interest and participation in nursing organizations utilizing the democratic process. The club will also act as a service group to the community. Club members will participate in activities
    to assist and prepare its members for responsibilities and self-direction.
    Advisor: Gail Cummings,; 610-799-1039
  • Campus Christian Fellowship

    The purposes of this club are as follows; to testify by word and deed that the Lord Jesus Christ is God incarnate, and to seek to lead others to a personal faith in Him as Lord and Savior. Also, it is to deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of the members by the study of the Bible, by prayer and by Christian fellowship.

    Advisor: Judy Readnack,; 610-799-1765

  • Criminal Justice / Justice Society
    The purpose of this club is to promote pride and professionalism within the agencies of criminal justice.

    Advisor: Jodi Rowlands,; 610-799-1588
  • Entrepreneur Club

    The Entrepreneur Club shall bring together all members of the Community College interested in entrepreneurship, promote and facilitate the study and practice of entrepreneurship, connect student members with experienced alumni and local entrepreneurs, encourage interest in innovation and enterprise creation and develop aspiring entrepreneurs into motivated, ethical, and dynamic business leaders. Advisor - Tremayne Tatem at .


  • Film
    The purpose of this club is to promote knowledge of art, film, script writing, directing, acting, and the appreciation of film and the underlying culture.

    Advisors: Wendy Barron,; 610-799-1729
  • Intercultural Student Association

    The purpose of this group is to provide opportunities to create a more diverse and inclusive college community. This organization seeks to celebrate and recognize the diversity at Lehigh Carbon Community College and work to prepare students to live in an increasingly diverse and global society. The group will achieve this through speakers, presentations, panel discussions, conferences and community outreach. All students at LCCC are welcome to participate!

    Advisor: Ruth Munilla,;  610-799-1521

  • Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society for Education Majors
    This international honor society in education is dedicated to scholarship and excellence in education. Lehigh Carbon Community College’s Alpha Epsilon Zeta chapter, established in 2009, is the first community college chapter in the state of Pennsylvania.

    Advisor: Laura Segatti,; 610-799-1706
  • License Practical Student Nurses Association
    This club will include interest and participation of its members by participating in campus activities and through community services. It will help to prepare its members with self-direction and confidence through the interactions of those members within the club.

    Advisors:  Karen Clark,; 610-799-1022
  • Northern Tier Sociology Club
    The purpose of this club is to promote sociological theory and methods through a variety of meaningful community service projects. Additionally, the club will sponsor sociological-based activities such as social events, field trips, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers and group discussions.

    Advisor: Diana Sweigert,
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Club
    This club will help influence and provide valuable contact between the student and the practicing professionals. It will keep members up to date on current therapeutic techniques and procedures along with providing the community awareness of its function as a health care team. Members will develop activities for the betterment of LCCC.
    Advisor: Stephanie Miller,; 610-799-1031
  • Phi Theta Kappa, The International Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges
    This club is to encourage scholarship among students attending LCCC. It shall maintain an intellectual atmosphere that promotes scholarship and fellowship for the exchange of ideas among its members. It will provide service to the community while offering the opportunity to gain leadership skills.
    Contact Advisor: Gene Eden,; 610-799-1146
  • Physical Therapists Assistant Club
    The purpose of this club shall be to enhance and expand the learning opportunities available in the physical therapy field. It will provide educational, social, and career development activities for its members. It will include field trips, conferences, films, speakers and additional amenities as determined by its members.
    Advisors: Evelyn Petrash,; 610-799-1515; Anthony Fragassi,; 610-799-1021
  • Political Society
    The objectives of said organization are as follows; to promote student awareness of political parties and the functions of government, keep students informed of upcoming political elections, and to discuss and debate current political events, legislation and issues.

    Advisor: Jenna Duke,; 610-799-1505
  • GSA Pride Club

    The purpose of this club is to celebrate and promote diversity, provide support for LGBTQ+ students and their allies, create campus awareness and acceptance through hosting social activities and advocacy.

    For more information view the GSA Resources brochure

    Advisors: Ann Turoczy,; 610-799-1908 

  • Psychology Club
    An academic organization for students interested in pursuing undergraduate degree or minor in psychology related fields. The goal of the club is to promote an understanding and appreciation of psychology through educational, professional, and social activities.

    Advisor: Gary Andrews,; 610-799-1647
  • Rugby Club
    Organized to provide opportunities for students who have an interest in playing rugby in an informal, competitive environment. Opportunities to play against other LCCC students and other rugby clubs in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

    Advisor: Andrew Johnson,; 610-799-1155
  • STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
    The STEM Club seeks to generate interest in the STEM fields among students. The club also promotes awareness of current developments and opportunities in the STEM fields. In addition, the club seeks to provide a peer network for STEM students and encourages the free exchange of ideas and information.

    Advisor: John Loughman,; 610-799-1552
  • Student Government Association (SGA)

    All students at LCCC are eligible to participate in the affairs of student government. Clubs are represented on Student Government through the Club Council. SGA senators are responsible for management of student monies and allocation of funds to all SGA-sponsored events. SGA also provides a broad program of cultural, social, and athletic opportunities to serve the diverse needs and interest of the student body. Student Government meets the first and third Tuesday during the academic year.

    Advisor: Gene Eden,; 610-799-1146


  • Teacher Education Student Association (TESA)

    The purpose of TESA is to keep students interested in education up to date with the current techniques and procedures. TESA informs students of influential governmental and professional legislation, as well as, providing the public with an awareness of our function in the teaching profession.

    Advisors: Melanie Wursta,; 610-799-1523 

  • Vet Tech Club
    This club will promote and enhance Veterinary Students, Clinical Edu., Veterinary awareness and the humane treatment of animals. Members will develop a relationship between NAVTA, LCCC, NCC and affiliate Veterinary clinics and other associations in the community.
    Advisor: Lisa Martini-Johnson,; 610-799-1754
  • Veterans Club
    The club will ensure that veterans, active duty personnel and reservists are receiving all benefits entitled to them. It will provide a fellowship of likeminded individuals in order to create a network of students and successful alumni.

    Advisors: Leslie Bartholomew,; 610-799-1545 Stephen Roman,; 610-799-1050
  • Xanadu - LCCC Literary Magazine

    This literary magazine publication publishes poems, short stories and art work.
    Advisor: Anne Ryan,