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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The Student Government Association serves Lehigh Carbon Community College students, faculty and staff and the surrounding communities. We support and promote student activities and the College’s decision making by sponsoring programs and services.

SGA Senators also serve on College Standing Committees to help promote the interests and needs of LCCC students. The SGA Senators are also responsible for developing strong relationships between the college administration, faculty and students.

How does the SGA Operate?

All students are members of the SGA by payment of the Student Services fee during the registration process. From the general student body fifteen students are elected or selected to serve as SGA Senators. The Senate meets every Tuesday at 2:15 p.m. in the SGA Meeting Room, located on the lower level of Berrier Hall.

The Senate elects a President and Vice President as well as chairpersons for each of the four sub-committees. The four sub-committees are Finance, Advocacy, Public Relations and Programming. The four committee chairs and the President and Vice President form the SGA Executive Committee.

To fully advocate for the student body the Senators are also required to serve on one of the following College Standing Committees:

  • Academic Services
  • Curriculum
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Emergency Response Guidelines
  • Developmental Education
  • Retention

Students serving as Senators will have the opportunity to participate in college sponsored leadership development activities as well as local and national conferences.

The SGA also hosts monthly Club Council Meetings to establish a close working relationship with the club officers and help to cross promote programs and identify opportunities for co sponsorship of events and community service initiatives. During these meetings the Senators can also solicit information from the club officers and members about policy and program changes, new initiatives and clubs can ask questions and solicit support from the Senate.

How does SGA Serve LCCC Students?

SGA was created to enhance the quality of Student Life and education both inside and outside the classroom. The SGA Senators are here to listen to all the concerns and suggestions of the students and to work to facilitate change and improvements on campus. In addition, the SGA plans and promotes many of the Student Life offerings at LCCC. Dances, lectures, cultural performers, interactive games, and educational activities are some of the areas that SGA works to promote with their programming.

Apply to be a Senator

Applications to serve as an SGA Senator are available in the Student Life Office located in the lower level of Berrier Hall, Room BH 4. You can contact Gene Eden via e-mail at or by phone at 610-799-1146 to have an application mailed to you.