Dual Enrollment

Want to get ahead of the class and get both high school and college credit? The Dual Enrollment program at LCCC works with local school districts to provide high school students the opportunity to advance.

‚Äč“The dual enrollment program has given me insight on what a college environment is like. It has made the transition from high school to college less stressful and allowed me to g­­et a head start on my education aspirations.”
—Adriana Batres, former dual enrollment student


Why participate in LCCC’s Dual Enrollment program?

  • It gives students the opportunity to take courses that count towards high school graduation. Credits can be used towards a degree at LCCC or transferred to many other colleges and universities in the U.S.
  • LCCC offers discounted tuition and waives fees for dual enrollment students.
  • Dual Enrollment students are granted access to LCCC services and facilities such as the LCCC Rothrock Library, tutoring and other resources .
  • It gives students the opportunity to experience college-level coursework and learn the expectations that come with college-level courses.
  • Many of our LCCC Dual Enrollment courses are offered at your high school.

Want to learn more about how LCCC’s Dual Enrollment can help your student get ahead? Read about how the Stuart family took advantage of this unique opportunity in Aspire Magazine.


See how many students LCCC's Dual Enrollment program helped get ahead.

“I love teaching dual enrollment students!  Most students don't know what academic area they want to pursue, so this gives them the opportunity to explore different disciplines before they even enter college.  Also, I find that the majority of dual enrollment students like being active on campus and usually make the most of their early college experience.”
—Jenna Duke, LCCC faculty member, Associate Professor of Social Sciences

Program Coordinator, Brandon Kwiatek
Director of High School Connections
Office Phone: (610) 799-1120