Arts, Communication and Design

Do you enjoy writing, designing content or entertaining others? Are you a visual person?
The Arts, Communication and Design pathway may interest students who enjoy expressing their thoughts and opinions and using their creativity to create content. Students can pursue careers in many industries but the most common include journalism and media, visual and performing arts, fashion, and audio/visual technology.
Students interested in pursuing further education can start at LCCC and transfer credits to other institutions, many of which hold transfer agreements. For further information, speak with an academic advisor.
Partial List of Possible Careers
Broadcast Operator
Communications Specialist
Game Developer
Graphic Designer*
Multimedia Artist/Animator*
Recording Engineer
Check out the numerous transfer opportunities to colleges and universities across Pennsylvania. 
Ways to explore this pathway:
Get involved with the campus radio station
Job shadow a person in your career of interest
Join a local community art, music, dance, photography group
Write for the Paw Print and/or Xanadu Literary Magazine 

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