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Disability Services

Lehigh Carbon Community College’s Disability Support Services (DSS) office is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities to ensure that they have an equal opportunity to succeed and participate in their college career. LCCC strives to provide equal access to all of its programs and college wide offerings.

DSS at LCCC provides support to students with registered disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, 1990, and ADA Amendments Act 2008.

The college does not offer a specialized program for persons with disabilities. All students, including those with disabilities, are responsible to meet the requirements outlined in the college catalog and in “LCCC Code of Student Conduct” policy.

Please use the menu on the left to select the information you may need. If you need one-on-one assistance, please feel free to call 610-799-1156 or and ask for disability services.

Disability Services is located in Science Hall, Room 150.

Financial aid is available to help students pay or supplementeducational expenses for college. Students with disabilities may beeligible for Federal or State programs, agencies, and organizationsthat offer financial support.

Federal student aid programs include Federal Pell grants, FederalStafford Loans, Federal PLUS loans, Campus-based programs, FederalSupplemental Educational Opportunity, Grants, Federal Work Study, andPerkins Loans. Grants do not have to be repaid. Loans must be repaid.For more information about Federal Student Aid go to the Department of Education web site or call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 800-433-3243 or 800-730-8913(TTY).

Students with disabilities may be eligible for Supplemental SecurityIncome (SSI) and Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS). Contact the local Social Security Administration office or go to

Most states offer information and financial assistance in the form of state grants and loans. Refer to PHEAA to identify available state financial assistance.

Students with disabilities may be eligible for State Vocational RehabilitationServices. This agency helps individuals with disabilities prepare for,obtain, and retain employment. To determine eligibility for services,contact the Lehigh/Carbon county OVR office at 610-821-6441,1-800-922-9536, 610-821-6144 TTY, or the Schuylkill County office at610-378-4370, 1-800-442-0949, 610-378-4433 TTY

Scholarships are gifts and awards based on academic achievement,background, or other criteria. There are limited disability-specificscholarships. Students should research scholarships based on criteriaother than disability. Students can research locally by checking withparents' employer, local professional or social organizations,religious groups, Chamber of Commerce. Students taking the PSAT(Preliminary SAT) will receive information about the National MeritScholarship Corporation. Students can also search the web by using various search engines.

The following are samples of web sites that provide information about financial aid resources and scholarships. This is not anall-inclusive list. Students may use this list to initiate an online research project.

Assistive Technology

For people with disabilities, assistive technology can be vital to achieving independence. The Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) offers affordable options for people with disabilities and older adults to acquire assistive technology through provision of low interest loan and mini grant programs. The foundation can offer assistance to individuals in Pennsylvania regardless of disability diagnosis, age of onset, county of residence, age, or income level as long as they are willing and able to repay a loan. For more information, visit:

You can also contact LVCIL Community Support coordinator Rebecca Strobel at 610-770-9781 x153