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Lehigh Carbon Community College

As an already well-established and successful engineering manager and senior software engineer at Nearform, current student Samantha Blinde returned to school with one goal in mind: to become even better. Majoring in communication was the best way to do so. “[My] classes have better prepared me for the myriad forms of communication I face [in my role],” she says.

Image shows Samantha Blinde.With already being in the midst of her career, Blinde knew that flexibility in her educational journey would be the key to her success. “Remote classes are necessary for me [to balance] my work responsibilities and parenting a young child,” she says. In addition, she appreciates that she’s able to explore various interests within her career path.

Having previously earned a bachelor’s degree in media design from Wilmington University in 2016, it was important to Blinde that she found an associate degree program that worked for her. “LCCC is a great college,” she says, “and a great way to get started in higher education that is affordable.”

Blinde was recently featured on the Future Founder Promise podcast, which features industry leaders and focuses on company building, leadership, engineering management and more. “I’m always happy to talk with other students who are considering engineering as a career path,” she says.

For more information about the communication program, visit the webpage.