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Take Classes while attending another College

  1. Apply online here.  Online applications are free and only take about 10 minutes.
  2. Determine which classes you would like to take
    • Check with your home school to be sure each class is transferable.
    • Some courses at LCCC have pre-requisites that you must complete.
    • Determine if your class has a pre-requisite.
    • If your class has a pre-requisite, please provide proof to Registration & Student Records indicating you are permitted to take the course.  You may use ANY of the following to show that you have met the pre-requisite for your courses:
      • Copy of placement test scores from your home institution indicating what course you placed into (for English and Math classes). 
      • Copy of your PSAT or SAT score reports (for English and Math classes). 
      • High school transcript indicating your PSAT or SAT scores (for English and Math classes) 
      • Unofficial college transcript showing grades in the pre-requisite.
      • Copy of your schedule showing enrollment in the pre-requisite. 
      • Webpage showing your grades and/or schedule at your home institution.
      • If you have questions regarding the list of evidence mentioned above, CONTACT ADVISING AND COUNSELING: 610-799-1137  or You may fax your student record to 610-799-1223, attention to Advising and Counseling.
  3. Register for classes
    • In order to register for classes you must contact Registration & Student Records at 610-799-1171.
    • You may also meet with an advisor in the Advising Department; however it is not usually necessary.
  4. Cost of your Education - There are a number of ways to finance your education at Lehigh Carbon Community College. 
    • FINANCIAL AID: You can visit the financial aid page to learn more about filing for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 
      • Please note that you can only receive financial aid for one institute at a time. 
    • PAYMENT PLAN:  The Business Office accepts check, cash, or credit card.  LCCC also offers a payment plan through the business office.  The payment plan allows students to pay off their tuition in several installments throughout the semester.  For more information visit the Business Office page.

For further assistance with any of these steps please contact the Admissions Office at or 610-799-1575.