Science In Motion  

Science in Motion has been fully funded for the 2022-2023 school year to allow us to serve our teachers and students through the end of the June, 2023. We have been able to add new equipment and experiments that are available for you to use in your classrooms with your students. Complete a request form to borrow equipment to use with your classes or to have the Mobile Educator help you co-teach an experiment.

Our Mission

Lehigh Carbon Community College’s mission is to respond to the community by providing affordable, accessible, and high quality education. Science in Motion helps to fulfill this mission by providing sponsor schools with science resourcesteaching support and professional development at no cost. LCCC is excited to be a part of the Science in Motion program because it is another way for us to serve the community and help provide science instruction to students and teachers that many school districts would not be able to otherwise afford. The Science in Motion (SIM) program is housed in Science Hall at LCCC’s Schnecksville Campus.

What is Science in Motion?

Science in Motion (SIM) is a Pennsylvania Department of Education grant funded program that is housed at Lehigh Carbon Community College in addition to 11 other colleges throughout the state of Pennsylvania. SIM was started in 1987 in collaboration with Juniata College. Currently the program services over 200 school districts at no cost to the schools. In the 2019-2020 school year, 640 different teachers utilized 750 different labs through the SIM program.

The SIM program at LCCC will prep experiments, order chemicals, take care of safety materials and dispose of chemicals used all at no cost to the school. Not only can teachers borrow equipment, but they can also request a Mobile Educator to help co-teach their classes. SIM will also host professional development for teachers to learn how to use the equipment in their classrooms and stay up to date on the latest advancements.