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Lehigh Carbon Community College

If there is a SIM lab you would like to complete with your students that may be a topic you are unfamiliar with or one which involves equipment you may not be comfortable using, you can request a visit from the SIM Mobile Educator.

The Mobile Educator will come to your classroom for the day to co-teach one or more of your classes that day. While the Mobile Educator is present, you are expected to remain in the classroom and assist the Mobile Educator. After the visit, you may choose to keep the equipment as a loan for up to one week in order to continue using it with your students. A pick up date can be scheduled at this time.

The Mobile Educator must give all sponsoring schools an equal chance for visits, so one teacher cannot request more than 2 visits within the same month. Teachers may, however, make multiple requests for equipment loans within the same month. The schedule fills up quickly, so please request your visit as early as possible. Visits should be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for preparation and delivery of the materials required for the requested experiment.

A listing of the labs that the Mobile Educator can complete with your class is found under the “Labs & Equipment” tab of the SIM webpage. Labs are categorized under the topics of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Renewable Energy, and Robotics (new!). These labs are designed for grades 9 through 12.

In addition, the SIM Program offers support for middle school science teachers with labs that are suitable for students in higher level elementary classes through 8th grade. Experiments appropriate for these grade levels are categorized under the Middle School Science labs. All labs include hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities.

Please complete the LCCC SIM Mobile Educator Request form and email it to the SIM staff at to schedule a Mobile Educator visit. After the Mobile Educator has visited, please be sure to complete the LCCC SIM Quality Control and the Evaluation forms.

Mobile Educator Request

After a visit from the Mobile Educator or an Equipment Loan, the teacher(s) involved is asked to complete an evaluation form within 48 hours of the equipment pick-up. The information obtained from these evaluations will be used to help maintain the SIM equipment and improve the experiments that are offered. The data collected will also be used to create the annual report for the PA Department of Education, summarizing the students and teachers served by the program. This report is critical to continue receiving funding for the operation of Science in Motion. Please complete the evaluation found at Post Visit/Loan Evaluation.