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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Do I need a medical certificate to become a pilot?

Yes.  A medical certificate issued by an FAA AeroMedical Examiner (AME) is required for flight training. To find an AME closest to you, go visit the following URL:  Speak with the aviation program advisor for more details concerning the level of medical certification that is appropriate for your training.

Does LCCC have any career progression agreements with regional airlines for future job placement?

Yes.  LCCC and ExpressJet Airlines have an agreement that will allow qualifying LCCC graduates to participate in the airline’s pilot pathway program.

Does LCCC have the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot authorization from the FAA?

Yes.  LCCC graduates, who earn their instrument rating and commercial pilot certificate within the LCCC flight school, or in conjunction with another Part 141 school that also holds that authority, will be eligible for the R-ATP at 1250 total flight hours.

How do I learn more about this program?

Contact the LCCC aviation program personnel by telephone at 610-264-7089 or by email to Aviation Instructor Mark Reimann at or Chief Flight Instructor Aram Basmadjian at

What is the background of the aviation instructors?

The LCCC aviation instructors have a wide range of aviation experience to include Captain positions at scheduled commercial airlines operating under FAA Part 121, Corporate flight departments working under FAR Part 135 and 91, and government flight operations working under Part 91 and the International Civil Aviation Organization regulations. The LCCC simulator instructors are alumni of the LCCC aviation program.

Where are aviation courses offered?

LCCC’s main campus is located in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania. Non-aviation courses are offered at both the main campus as well as satellite campuses located in Carbon, Lehigh and Schuykill counties. Aviation courses and limited general education courses are offered at the college’s Airport Site located at Hangar 7- Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown, PA.

What are the prerequisites?

Students must be able to read, speak and understand the English language, have no speech impediments and be capable of obtaining an FAA First class medical certificate. Students must apply for and be issued an FAA student pilot certificate.  Non U.S. citizens must receive Transportation Security Administration approval to begin flight training for the private pilot certificate, instrument and multiengine ratings.  In addition, an interview with our Aviation Coordinator is required for admission.

What is the average class size?

Aviation courses typically have approximately 15-20 students per class and enrollment is limited to 24. General education courses average 25 students per class.

What type of degree will I earn?

You will earn an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) degree as a Professional Pilot. The curriculum requires the completion of 63 academic credits. In addition, students are required to earn their Private, Instrument, Commercial and Certificated Flight Instructor certificates and ratings.

What aviation training is conducted?

LCCC is an FAA approved Part 141 ground and flight training school.  We provide training for the Private, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor certificates and the instrument and multi engine airplane ratings.

What is an FAA approved school?

FAA Approved Part 141 schools are those schools that follow a detailed syllabus approved by the FAA. Specific criteria and hour requirements must be completed and documented during course progression and required for course completion.

Does the college own a fleet of aircraft?

No. The college leases aircraft for flight operations.

Are there flight simulators at the college?

Yes. The college owns two FAA approved Advanced Aviation Training Devices.  A FRASCA 141 single engine trainer equipped with GPS technology and visual display, and a Redbird FMX full-motion flight simulator with visual display.   Both simulators are authorized to be used by aviation students to log flight time in accordance with Part 141 regulations.  We also have a Redbird Jay Velocity simulator used for simulator orientation and procedures training.

Is the cost of flight training included in cost of tuition?

The cost of flight training is in addition to the 63 credit hour tuition costs and related fees.  The flight lab fees may be funded through the Veterans Administration benefits, federal educational as well as private loans.

How much will it cost to earn all pilot certificates and ratings required for the AVP degree?

Flight training costs vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s rate of learning, psychomotor skill development, and the frequency of flight training.  The estimated cost of the flight lab fees for the Private, Commercial and Flight Instructor certificates, the multi engine and instrument ratings will be between $50,000- $55,000. This estimate does not include the cost of tuition based upon county or state of residence or other non-aviation program fees.  It does include an estimate of $5,000 dollars for additional flight costs covering examiner fees, FAA knowledge test fees, headset and aeronautical chart purchase, and required aircraft renter’s insurance coverage covering a two year period.

How do I finance my flight training? Is financial aid available?

​Information about federal financial aid for college courses can be obtained through LCCC’s financial aid department (Phone: 610-799-1133).

Are scholarships awarded to cover flight training costs?

Scholarships are available through Aero Club of Pennsylvania, Advisory Council of Pennsylvania, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Experimental Aircraft Association, and The Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the 99’s.

How long does it take to complete the Professional Pilot degree program?

The Professional Pilot program is designed to be completed in 24 months.

How many flight hours will I have upon graduation?

A minimum of 215 hours will be attained. The FAA requires a minimum of 190 hours of flight training under Part 141 to obtain a Commercial Pilot certificate with an instrument and multiengine rating under FAA Part 141. An additional 25 hours is required for the  Certified Flight Instructor certificate.

Why aviation? Why LCCC?

  • Current aviation labor conditions and industry projections indicate a shortage of pilots over the next five to ten years.
  • Cost effective (tuition as low as $143 per credit hour for sponsored school districts)
  • Career development and progression opportunities following graduation may be available for the top performing aviation students.
  • Dedicated knowledgeable aviation staff with broad background and experience
  • Start here. Fly anywhere.

Will I have to complete all my flight training at the LCCC flight school?

Yes. In order to graduate with the AAS AVP degree, all airman certificates and ratings must be earned within the LCCC flight school.

How many times per week will a student be required to fly?

Each student will be expected to be available to fly a minimum of three times each week.

Where will a Professional Pilot degree from LCCC take me?

The Professional Pilot (AVP) graduate will be able to act as the pilot in command of an airplane as an FAA certificated commercial pilot in the national airspace system , be qualified to act as a Certified Flight Instructor, or continue their education by transferring to a four-year college or university.

Do I need a four-year degree to get a job as an airline pilot?

No. Regional airlines only require an Associate’s degree while major airlines require a Bachelor’s degree. LCCC recommends continuing your education after graduation. The aviation job market is very competitive. The more qualifications you have, the easier it will be to land the job of your dreams!

If you have any additional questions or would like to enroll in the program, please call the Aviation department at 610-264-7089. We look forward to speaking with you.

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