Honors Project Application

All applicants must obtain permission of the course instructor within the first six (6) weeks of the semester. Applicants must have completed English 105 or have approval of their mentor. Applications and proposals must be submitted to the Advising and Transfer Office (SSC 124) by the deadline. Your application must be signed by your mentor and one other faculty member. At least one signature must be from a full-time Instructor.

Proposals should be 1-2 pages and include all of the following:
  • Your name, course, and instructor
  • A 1-2 paragraph description of your project
  • A description of your finished project
  • A detailed time line including at least 3 meetings with your mentor

Sample proposals 

Biology 220 - Microbiology
Chemistry 106 - Physiological Chemistry
Chemistry 205 - Organic Chemistry I
English 205 - American Literature I
Math 125 - Fundamentals of Mathematics I
Psychology 243 - Abnormal Psychology

Application forms are available in the Advising and Transfer Office (SSC 124) or can be printed here. If your proposal requires IRB approval you must submit an approved form with your application and proposal.