Entrepreneurship & Innovation Hub (EIH)

The Lehigh Carbon Community College Entrepreneurship & Innovation Hub (EIH) aims to help highly motivated students put their ideas into action. We do this by facilitating pathways for students to explore
entrepreneurship through our entrepreneurial education programming and club activities throughout an academic year.Image of students in Entrepreneur Conference

The EIH’s role is also to use entrepreneurship education as a platform to teach and  develop students to acquire soft skills, self-direction and a motivated mindset to improve employability as they move into the workforce.

To bring to life the EIH vision and mission while advancing the ‘Many Voices, One Vision:Strategic Plan 2017-2020’, specifically around strategic theme,  “Foster student learning, student development, academic success and persistence to goal attainment.”

College Vision, Mission and Goals

To be a regional leader in training and producing future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to contribute to a thriving regional economy, while meeting the demands of  region’s growing talent needs.

Image of man speaking
EIH Values

  • Access: open opportunity for students to explore and  pursue entrepreneurship in an environment that offers practical support of  the identification and achievement of goals within their ability.

  • Continuous Improvement: challenge students to always look for ways to be self-directed; and constantly be in a state of personal and professional development.

  • Diversity: help students understand  the economic value of embracing people of differing viewpoints.

  • Employees: encourage faculty to view entrepreneurship education as a bridge to classroom instruction and real world application.

  • Instructional Excellence: create environment  where students learn from real world business practitioners to  develop their intuitive capacity along with intellectual curiosity to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and innovation.

  • Learning: the development of foundational knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Partnerships:  the fostering of  relationships that provide innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to meet the demands of the community and region’s economic development and workforce needs.

  • Student Development: engage students with out-of-the box opportunities that fosters individual growth, leadership and service; and intentionally support holistic development.