Parking Assignments and Lots

Student Parking

Here at LCCC, over 1,400 parking spaces are provided. However, most spaces are not right next to the building. A distance of 40 to 300 yards may be necessary for you to walk.

Students shall park in parking lots designated as Student Lots. These lots are A, C, D, E, F, G, I, K and L. For parking purposes, students are defined as credit and noncredit students.

Handicapped parking is located in Lot H and there are numerous handicap spaces in the other lots throughout campus.

Employee parking lot is identified as Lot B. No student is permitted to park in this lot or any other parking area posted for employees.

Reminder: No one will be permitted to park in roadways or walkways without authorization from the Department of Public Safety.

Reserved parking spaces are posted in various parking lots:

  1. Handicap parking
  2. Safety/fire zones
  3. Loading zones/docks
  4. Lawns, sidewalks, roadways
  5. Reserved spaces
    1. Security spaces
    2. President’s/VP’s spaces
    3. United Way space
    4. PTK space
    5. Service Technician space
    6. Student Success space
    7. Food service space
    8. Bookstore manager space
    9. Employee lot/spaces until 5 p.m.

DO NOT park in these reserved parking spaces.

Motorcycle and Bike Parking

Designated motorcycle parking is located in Lot C (Northwest corner).

  • However, a motorcycle can park in any designated parking space.
  • Bicycle rack is located between the ARC and Technology buildings on the lower level.

Mass Transit

Lanta provides week day pick-ups and drop-offs at the south end of parking lot B.

General Safety Information

  1. Never leave your vehicle unlocked.
  2. Never leave valuables in plain view.
  3. Never leave your vehicle running and unattended.
  4. Evening students should try to park in Lots A-D-F, except for handicapped and gym parking.
  5. Report all suspicious behavior to the Department of Public Safety.
  6. Report all accidents or incidents to the Department of Public Safety.