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Lehigh Carbon Community College
List of Emergency Contacts Phone Number
LCCC Schnecksville – Public Safety and Security 610-799-1169
Pennsylvania State Police 610-861-2026
Schnecksville Fire 911
North Whitehall Volunteer Ambulance 911
LCCC Allentown – Public Safety 610-799-1264
City of Allentown Police Department 911
City of Allentown EMS Paramedics 911
City of Allentown Fire Department 911
LCCC Tamaqua – Public Safety 484-225-1261
Borough of Tamaqua Police Department 911
Borough of Tamaqua Fire Department 911
LCCC Airport 610-264-7089
Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority Police Department 610-266-6000
Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority Fire Department 610-266-6000
Han-Le-CO Volunteer Fire Department 911

Emergency Telephones

Lehigh Carbon Community College is concerned about the protection and security of its staff, students and visitors. Should situations arise which threaten this protection and security, these procedures should be followed:

From: 6:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. – Monday through Friday.
From: 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Saturday & Sunday
(This includes holidays when the college is closed.)

Dial 1911 or 1169 from any telephone on campus, dial 610-799-1911 or 610-799-1169, or lift handset from red emergency phones at the following locations:

  • SSC Building – Lower Level at Rear Windows
  • SSC Building – Lower Level at Stairs
  • Student Union – Upper level at elevator
  • Student Union – Lower level at elevator
  • SH Building – Hex area near courtesy phone
  • SH Building – Upper level near elevator
  • SH Building – 109 Office Suite
  • SH Building – Lower level near elevator
  • SH Building – 32 Office Suite
  • ARC – First Floor Lounge
  • ARC – Second floor Between Cafeteria and Book Store
  • ARC – Third floor at ARC 302
  • ARC – Third floor at ARC 314
  • Tech Center – Lower level at north stairs
  • Tech Center – Lower level at main entrance
  • Tech Center – Lower level at TC 124
  • Tech Center – Upper level at north stairs
  • Tech Center – Upper level near TC 213
  • Tech Center – Upper level at TC 224
  • CSC – Lower Level at CSC 102
  • CSC – Upper Level at Coat Room
  • Berrier Hall – Lower level lobby
  • Berrier Hall – Upper level lobby
  • Library – Upper Lobby at Vending
  • Library – Lower Level at Elevator

Emergency calls will ring in the Public Safety Office and the Public Safety officer’s cellular telephone. If the Public Safety officer is not in the Public Safety Office, he or she will have immediate contact through the cell phone.

It is important to remember that emergency phones are for emergency purposes only. It is a crime under Section 4905 of the PA Crimes Code to misuse these emergency telephones.

In case of an emergency at home, tell your family or friend to call 610-799-2121. An effort will be made to contact you. Please report all accidents or incidents to Public Safety at 610-799-1169.

Emergency Call Boxes

Twelve (12) emergency call boxes have been placed throughout LCCC Schnecksville campus parking lots. They are at the following areas:

  • Lot A – Tier 2
  • Lot A – Tier 5
  • Lot C Walkway
  • Lot D Walkway
  • Lot E – Tier 2
  • Lot F – By Tech Center Sidewalk
  • Lot G – Walkway
  • Lot I – Library Entrance
  • Lot K – Entrance
  • Lot L – North Side of Berrier Hall
  • Mall Area – Front of ARC
  • Lot J – CDL Lot

These call boxes are very easy to operate and are to be used in the case of an emergency. When the button is pushed, the call goes directly to the Pennsylvania State Police. If you do not require police assistance, the Public Safety number is listed on the call box for any non-emergency situations as well.