Motor Vehicle, Traffic and Parking Regulations

All students who possess, maintain or operate motor vehicles (including motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters or any other motor-driven vehicle) shall register each motor vehicle to be operated on the college campus and obtain the appropriate car registration sticker(s). This sticker(s) can be obtained at Student Services Center, Public Safety Office, room 001, Monday thorough Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students' vehicles must be parked in areas designated as Student Parking Lots only.

The operation of motor vehicles on campus roadways and the registration of motor vehicles for the purpose of obtaining parking permits to park in college parking lots are to be considered privileges and not rights of individuals. Lehigh Carbon Community College reserves the right to deny or revoke such privileges at any time to any and all persons who fail to adhere to these regulations.

All vehicles used by students are encouraged to have a registration sticker displayed on the rear window. Students may register more than one car. The sticker number enables public safety officers to identify and notify the vehicle’s owner in case of any problem with the vehicle. This registration can be done at the same time a student registers for class.


Parking lots are patrolled regularly (this includes weekends and holidays), and each person is expected to park in accordance with rules and regulations. You should always report unsafe conditions to the Department of Public Safety immediately.

At no time may vehicles be parked in unauthorized, reserved, or prohibited areas such as on lawns and walkways, or in a manner that constitutes double parking, the blocking of walkways, roadways or fire zones, etc.

The college reserves the right to alter parking assignments on a permanent or temporary basis when new construction, major repairs, and emergency situations require such changes.

A. Fines

  1. All offenses will have a fine of $15, except handicap parking violations.
  2. Handicap parking violations:
    1. First offense - $50
    2. Second offense - $100
    3. Third offense - $200

B. Enforcement

The following will be enforced:

  1. Handicap parking
  2. Safety/fire zones
  3. Loading zones/docks
  4. Lawns, sidewalks, roadways
  5. Reserved spaces
    1. Security spaces
    2. President’s/VP’s spaces
    3. United Way space
    4. PTK space
    5. Service technician space
    6. Student Success space
    7. Food service space
    8. Bookstore manager space
    9. Employee lot/spaces until 4 p.m.

C. Warnings

  1. Warnings will be issued during a first time violation, with the exception of handicap violations. There is no warning for a handicap violation. Those parked in a handicap spot will immdiately receive a ticket regardless of it being a first time offense. Note that it is unrealistic that everyone be guaranteed a warning due to the volume of campus traffic.

D. Payment

  1. Payment is to be made at the Business Office within five business days.
  2. Tickets can be appealed through the Appeals Committee established by the Environmental Health and Safety Committee -
  3. If the Appeals Committee does not receive written notification of an appeal within five business days, the registration will be traced, the violation will increase by $10, which includes the $5 registration tracing fee, and a letter will be sent. In addition, a hold will be placed on the student’s account, preventing him/her from receiving grades, transcript, diploma, and registering for the next semester.

E. Unattended Vehicles

  1. Anyone leaving a vehicle parked overnight on Lehigh Carbon Community College property for any reason must notify the Department of Public Safety immediately.
  2. Anyone leaving a vehicle unattended for 48 hours on Lehigh Carbon Community College property will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.
  3. There will be no parking or leaving a vehicle unattended in Parking Lot J at any time. This lot is reserved for CDL activities and must remain clear. Exception to this is an authorized Lehigh Carbon Community College sponsored or authorized event and only for that time period. Any vehicle in violation of this section is subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
  4. Any unattended vehicle parked in a manner deemed blocking or hindering traffic or creating a public safety issue will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  5. Anyone parked on Lehigh Carbon Community College property is parking at their own risk and holds the Lehigh Carbon Community College harmless of any damage or loss to their property.

F. Appeals

  1. Anyone who wishes to appeal a parking citation (ticket) must do so by contacting the Appeals Committee at within five business days of the issuance of the citation. Failure to appeal the citation within the listed time period will result in the loss of the right of appeal.
  2. Please note that officers in the Public Safety Department are not on the Appeals Committee. For any ticket appeals, you must use the email above.