Human Services A.A.S. (HUS)

*This is an overview of the program. The course sequencing is meant to serve as a guideline for your semester planning. Please note that the scheduling of courses, program sequencing and curriculum are subject to change.*

The Human Services A.A.S. program is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the diverse nature of the individual human being, the dynamic process of life, and the human ability to interact and adapt to the living environment.

This program is designed to prepare graduates with the values, knowledge, and skills required for entry-level employment as a human service generalist in the human service field. Human service workers assist individuals, families, and groups to improve the overall quality of life in the community. Graduates may be employed as providers of both direct and indirect client services, e.g. therapeutic support services, caregiver, living assistant/coach, crisis intervener, empowerer, administrative work, community outreach, and advocate. Graduates are employed as human service workers in a variety of settings, including, clinics, hospitals, group homes, correctional centers, government agencies, day treatment centers, sheltered workshops, extended care facilities, community based living homes, and social service agencies throughout the community.

Lehigh Carbon Community College is an institutional member of the Council for Standards in Human Services Education (CSHSE) and the National Organization of Human Services (NOHS). The Human Services A.A.S. degree is nationally accredited by the CSHSE. Graduates are eligible to take the Human Services-Board Certified Practioner (HS-BCP)professional credential exam.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • use critical thinking and problem solving skills to assess the needs of individuals, families, and groups within the community.

  • demonstrate goal planning using the appropriate strategies, services, or interventions.
  • develop and implement a treatment plan using appropriate resources, specialized assistance, and community supports to achieve the desired outcome.
  • formulate a systematic method to evaluate the outcome of services and make referrals as appropriate.
  • discuss the interaction of human systems including individuals, families, groups, and communities, within the society and environment.
  • describe the effects of one’s own values and beliefs in the role of the human services worker.
  • demonstrate professional and ethical interaction with a variety of Human Services providers and agencies.

Human Services Infoguide

Human Services Program Information

Human Services A.A.S. (HUS)
First Semester   Credits
HUS 110 Introduction to Human Services 3
HUS 120 Communications and Interviewing 3
ENG 105 College English I 3
PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC 150 Introduction to Sociology 3
PSY 106 Writing in APA 1
  Semester Total 16
Second Semester    
HUS 160 Introduction to Counseling Skills and Theories 3
HUS 170 Systems, Processes, and Case Management 3
CIS 105 Introduction to Computers and Applications 3
or ENG 107 Technical Writing 3
PSY 145 Human Growth and Development 3
HUS 215 Professional Seminar 1
  Semester Total 16
Third Semester    
HUS 210 Group Processes 3
HUS 220 Internship I 3.5
SOC 151 Modern Social Problems 3
Elective* Program Elective 3
Elective*** Mathematics 3
  Semester Total 15.5
Fourth Semester    
HUS 230 Internship II 3.5
HUS 240 Management of Human Services Agencies 3
SOC 251 The Family 3
Elective** Science 3-5
Elective* Program Elective 3
  Semester Total 15.5-17.5
  Credit Total 63-65

Students must select the electives from the following list:

*Recommended for therapeutic support services/counseling interest: PSY 145, 241, 242, 243, 245, and 283 and EDU 210.

*Recommended for case management/social work interest: SOC 253, 254, 258, 268, 283, and 287; PSC 142; and PHI 201.

*Recommended for special interest populations: ASL 101, 105, and 106; HUS 115, 125, 150; SED 115 and 205; CJA 118 and 240; and SPN 105, 106, 205, and 206.

**Recommended: BIO 101, 110, 120, 124, and 163.

***Recommended: MAT 118, 120, 150.

****Recommended: Courses listed above or HPE 101, HPE 106, ENG 111.