Associate Degree Nursing Admission Requirements

Admission to the Associate Degree Nursing program is competi­tive based upon:

Admission to the Nursing Program is selective due to the limited number of spaces available in courses that require clinical practice in hospitals and other health care settings. Selection is based on an objective point system.All students who meet the admission criteria are ranked according to:PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF 2011, TEAS V IS REQUIRED. NO EARLIER VERSION OF THE TEAS TEST WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • The number of general education credits completed with a “C” or better and cumulative GPA of at least 2.20.
  • Completion of the application form. Deadline for form is December 1 of the year prior to starting the nursing program.
  • A nursing class of approximately 60 students is selected each year for the fall semester.

    Students are notified by USPS mail of their admission to the Associate Degree Nursing program; in late spring.