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Lehigh Carbon Community College

How is a student eligible for accommodation services?

Lehigh Carbon Community College’s Disability Support Services (DSS) provides access and academic accommodations for qualified students. A qualified student is one who meets the requisite academic standards for admission or participation in college programs/activities.  An accommodation is an alternate way of displaying, conveying, or communicating knowledge or mastery of an objective in a course and cannot lower the standards of a course or program.  In order to be eligible for accommodations, the following will take place:

  1. The student will schedule an intake interview to disclose a disability with the Disability Support Services Office by calling 610-799-1156.
  2. The student will present appropriate documentation indicating the nature, extent, and functional limitations of the disability (see appropriate documentation link).
  3. Disability Support Services will review the documentation to determine if the impairment is substantially limiting and will determine if the student is eligible for accommodations.
  4. If accommodations are deemed appropriate, Disability Support Services and the student will sign an “accommodation memo.”
  5. The student will present the accommodation memo to faculty who will assist DSS and the student in implementing the accommodations.
  6. Students, faculty, and DSS will maintain an interactive, working relationship to appropriately accommodate students with documented disabilities.