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Lehigh Carbon Community College

College buildings open to the public are equipped with life safety systems. These life safety systems monitor for intrusion and fire throughout each building. The fire monitoring is active at all times. These alarms are utilized whenever the buildings are not in use or are closed to the public.

While the college is open, the public safety officer(s) conducts patrols throughout the buildings and grounds. The public safety officer(s) on duty carry a cellular phone and a two-way radio. With this radio and cell phone, the public safety officer can both receive any pages or telephone calls in order to make a quicker response or report any condition that may require assistance.

Access to Buildings and Labs

Because we do not have any on-campus housing, the college buildings are not open to the public 24 hours a day. The college has set hours that the buildings are open. They are as follows: Monday- Thursday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m and Saturday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m (Saturday hours are only in effect during the fall and spring semesters.)

Times may vary for LCCC site locations.

Lab Passes

If a student needs access to a specific lab, office, or other restricted area, that student must possess a lab pass signed by an instructor or other authority figure before gaining access to the area. The Public Safety Department will also use a student directory and a copy of class lists to verify the individuals.


For your convenience, lockers have been placed on the lower floor of the Student Services Center. Although there is no charge for locker use, there is a $5 refundable deposit on the lock. Go to the Business Office to pay the $5 fee and obtain a combination lock. All locks will be removed during July, so it is advisable to return your lock at the end of the spring semester. Failure to do so will result in loss of your deposit. The college reserves the right to open any locker at any time. Any other locks, other than college issued, will be removed. Do not give your combination to friends.

Animals/Pets on Campus

Animals and pets are prohibited from all college grounds, especially inside the buildings. The only exception is service dogs with certifications.

Parking Assignments and Lots

Students shall park in parking lots designated as Student Lots. These lots are A, C, D, E, F, G, I, K and L. For parking purposes, students are defined as credit and noncredit students.
Handicapped parking is located in Lot H and there are numerous handicap spaces in the other lots throughout campus.
Employee parking lot is identified as Lot B. No student is permitted to park in this lot or any other parking area posted for employees.
Reminder: No one will be permitted to park in roadways, walkways or stall lines without authorization from the Department of Public Safety.

General Safety Precautions

  1. Never leave your purse or wallet unattended.
  2. Do not carry large sums of cash to the campus.
  3. Evening students should try to park in Lots A-D-F, except for handicapped and gym parking.
  4. Don’t leave your books lying around. There is a good market for used books.
  5. Don’t give locker combinations or car keys to others.
  6. Report all accidents or incidents to Public Safety.
  7. Emergency evacuation routes are posted in every classroom/lab. Familiarize yourself with them.

To Contact Public Safety at LCCC Schnecksville

Dial 1169 from any telephone or 610-799-1169 from all other telephones.

See Emergency Numbers section for additional site locations.

Or Lift handset from red emergency phones at the following locations:

SSC Building

Lower level at rear windows, lower level at stairs

Student Union

Upper level at elevator, lower level at elevator

Student Union

Upper level at elevator, lower level at elevator

SH Building

Upper level near elevator, Hex area
SH 109 Office Suite, lower level near elevator
SH 32 Office Suite


First floor lounge, second floor between cafeteria and bookstore, third floor at ARC 302, third floor at ARC 314

Technology Center

Lower level at north stairs, lower level at main entrance, lower level at TC 124, upper level at north stairs, upper level near TC 213, upper level at TC 224


Lower level at CSC 102, upper level at coat room

Berrier Hall

Lower level lobby, upper level lobby


Upper lobby at vending, lower level at elevator