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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Pivot Interactives Available from Vernier

Pivot Interactives is a powerful supplement to hands‑on experimentation, allowing students to vary experimental parameters one at a time to view results from a set of many slow-motion recordings of the same experiment. Students make measurements and analyze their data directly within the online environment to “discover” scientific principles. In order to preview the more than 300 lessons that are available in physics, chemistry, biology, and middle school science, connect to and click on the Pivot Interactives Library. Then click on Preview. This will allow you to evaluate the lesson in terms of the content, key focus questions, and possible data analysis, but the videos will not play during this preview. Submit the LCCC SIM request form found at LCCC SIM Request Form to gain access to the video resources found at

Teachers can assign a lesson to their students to complete during group work or as individual assignments. Focus questions guide student thinking and analysis and tools are provided to prepare data tables, calculations and graphs. Students can create their own account at and they need to enter the Class Key code provided by their instructor.