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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Vernier Video Analysis: Motion and Sports features 12 investigations using the Vernier Video Analysis® app. In addition to traditional physics concepts such as velocity and acceleration, its investigations of sports activities expand learning opportunities and further connect the study of motion to students’ daily lives.  The LCCC Science in Motion Program has purchased a site license for teachers and their students to use this App tthrough July 1, 2022.  Teachers can submit their request for the access code for the Video Analysis App using the link below.

Student materials are provided in two different levels of scaffolding: Guided and Abridged. The Guided versions provide step-by-step instructions for navigating the software and work well for students who have not previously used Vernier Video Analysis. The Abridged versions are appropriate for students who are familiar with the features of the software.  A detailed Users Guide for the Video Analysis App can be downloaded at

CLICK on the title of an experiment to preview an introduction to the experimental set-up, objectives, and equipment needed to complete the lab.

Table of Contents

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Experiment Suggested Products
01 Constant Velocity Motion Vernier Video Analysis®
02 Accelerated Motion Vernier Video Analysis®
03 Analysis of Running Vernier Video Analysis®
04 Projectile Motion Vernier Video Analysis®
05 Kinetic Friction Vernier Video Analysis®
06 Terminal Velocity Vernier Video Analysis®
07 Refining the Air Drag Model Vernier Video Analysis®
08 Analysis of Running with Resistance Vernier Video Analysis®
09 1-Dimensional Elastic Collisions Vernier Video Analysis®
10 1-Dimensional Inelastic Collisions Vernier Video Analysis®
11 Angular Velocity Vernier Video Analysis®
12 2-Dimensional Collision Vernier Video Analysis®