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Lehigh Carbon Community College
  • The lab equipment and materials will be delivered one week and picked up the next at a pre-arranged time and place.
  • Please have the lab packed and the paperwork ready for pick-up on the morning it is to be returned. (Paperwork includes a Drop-off/Pick-up formWord and a Quality Control sheetWord that will be sent with the delivery and can also be accessed online.)
  • If you will not be finished with the lab when it is scheduled to be picked up, please contact the SIM Project Director at or phone 610-799-1993 at least 24 hours ahead of time to ask for an extension.  Extensions will be granted if no one else has requested the material.
  • Some specialized equipment will not be sent without a mobile educator visit unless the requesting teacher has had training on the equipment at a workshop.  (ex.PCR Thermocycler, gas chromatograph, DNA electrophoresis)
  • Science in Motion (SIM) may deny requests for toxic or dangerous chemicals.
  • Delivery of some chemicals may be granted only to chemists or teachers who have been trained at a summer workshop. (i.e. concentrated acids)

After a visit from the Mobile Educator or an Equipment Loan, the teacher(s) involved is asked to complete an evaluation form within 48 hours of the equipment pick-up. The information obtained from these evaluations will be used to help maintain the SIM equipment and improve the experiments that are offered. The data collected will also be used to create the annual report for the PA Department of Education, summarizing the students and teachers served by the program. This report is critical to continue receiving funding for the operation of Science in Motion. Please complete the evaluation found at Post Visit/Loan Evaluation.