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Lehigh Carbon Community College

“Chemistry in a Flash” is a College Board approved electronic chemistry textbook on a flash drive that focuses on the essentials for success on the AP Chemistry exam. It doesn’t even need the internet!  The concepts and topics presented address all of those found in the College Board’s description of the course and its 2014 Curriculum Framework. These include both pre-AP and AP chemistry skills and essential knowledge. Students learn more effectively using the flash drive’s interactive step-by-step approach. Better than a book, it asks the students a question, analyzes their response and instantly corrects them. Students enjoy supplemental animations and video demonstrations before evaluating their progress with practice tests. A glossary, formulas, calculator and Periodic Table are a click away. Whether you use the flash drive alone or as a study guide for your course, students will come to the AP exam totally prepared to succeed. More details and an introductory video can be found at

LCCC SIM has purchased 25 PC and 25 Mac version flash drives that can be used with your students to preview concepts and topics that are key to the AP Chemistry course as a way of flipping your classroom before exploring the learning objectives in class. It can also be used to review the learning objectives that will be tested on the AP Exam in May, using both Multiple Choice and Free-Response questions. All answers are provided in detail and the practice exams provided offer a timing feature that helps the students practice their time management. You may borrow these flash drives for one week (or more depending on demand) to use with your computers in school or given as a take-home assignment. “Chemistry in a Flash” requires a PC or Mac computer with a “full” operating system, and will not run on Chromebooks, iPads, or Android devices.