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Lehigh Carbon Community College

To be eligible to receive financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, work study), students MUST be attending class(es) on a regular basis.

Failure to attend class(es) is NOT CONSIDERED to be an official withdrawal from classes or from the college. It is a student’s responsibility to notify Registration/Student Records (not faculty, advisors or other offices) of his/her intent to officially withdraw from one or more classes and/or to officially withdraw from Lehigh Carbon Community College (no longer take classes at LCCC).

Any student who fails to complete an official withdrawal form and stops attending class(es) on a regular basis, will be required to repay financial aid paid and or refunded to them, prorated back to the last date of attendance at an academically related activity as reported by faculty.

  • Complete the electronic Add/Drop/Total Withdrawal Form.
  • Complete a paper Add/Drop/Total Withdrawal Form in the Office of Registration/Student Records.

Failure to pay any balance due from the student to the college will result in a collection process being initiated for that account. This collection process includes unpaid indebtedness to the college, collection cost and/or attorney fees. Additionally, any student indebted to the college or failing to return books or equipment loaned to them will be denied registration.