Faculty Services

Copyright Clearance Center License:

  • This license provides everyone at LCCC a greater opportunity to reproduce and distribute copyright content, in both print and digital form, across campus with the confidence that sharing is being done in compliance with copyright laws and LCCC guidelines.
  • This license empowers teaching faculty to verify that classroom materials are covered through a simple search feature. While not all material may be covered, CCC works with us to try and secure additional permissions.
If you have any questions about the license, please contact us at copyright@lccc.edu or at 610-799-1150. A short video explaining how to use the Copyright Clearance Center license is available on our copyright libguide.

Information Literacy:

Our customized program is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide students with an introduction to the basic principles of information literacy, including the range and proper use of information resources in their specific discipline;
  • Orient students to the print and electronic resources of the library and;
  • Instill a positive attitude on the part of the students toward the library, the research process and the librarian as a professional.

To arrange for library instruction call the Information Service Librarians at 610-799-1150.

Collection Development:

A major goal of the library is to develop and maintain a library collection that both augments and complements current teaching and research, which is flexible to meet the needs of new planned programs of study and which supports and stimulates inquiry into areas outside the curriculum. All faculty and staff are invited to participate in this process. Book and audiovisual orders can be given to the staff or requested online.

Library Liaisons:

The Library Liaisons program creates a link between the library and the academic departments. The program facilitates collection development, reference requests, information literacy skills, and other services provided by the library. Specifically, the Library Liaison is responsible for:

  • Working with faculty to select print and non-print resources for the collection.
  • Keeping faculty apprised of new materials added to the collection.
  • Working with faculty to maintain current relevant collections in all formats.
  • Familiarizing faculty with available services.
  • Working with faculty to improve current and develop supportive library services.
  • Working with faculty to structure experiences and assignments that effectively promote the mastery of information literacy skills by their students.
  • Providing reference and research support for faculty projects.
  • Providing support for departmental audits.

Current list of liaisons.

Research Assistance:

Personalized assistance in the form of individual instruction about resources on the library page and in-depth consultation and research assistance is available. Please ask the librarians for help at any time. You can also ask for help online at Ask A Librarian.