Programs and Services

LCCC is proud to offer specialized services for its veteran students, from preferred course scheduling to a Veterans Club.

Preferential Course Scheduling
Veteran students are able to register for courses one day earlier than other students.
Financial Aid Opportunities
Veterans/Reservist’s Special Emergency Reserve Fund (V-SERF)
Lehigh Valley Military Affairs Council Scholarship

In addition to military-specific opportunities, LCCC offers a variety of scholarships. Students are required to complete a FAFSA before qualifying for financial aid.
LCCC Veterans Club, The Cougar Warriors 
A valuable resource to find support and make connections with fellow veteran and military students. The club provides a platform to highlight challenges within the veteran communities and gives students an opportunity to support these efforts. 
An honor society for service members. Students must meet certain criteria to be selected for induction in SALUTE:Salute Logo

  • Be currently enrolled as a student.
  • Qualify as military/veteran student under locally derived and maintained definitions. Applicant must submit a DD-214 Member 4 copy that displays the character of service (honorable discharge). Applicants currently serving on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves must submit a copy of orders for their current duty assignment. 
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.00, not rounded, with a minimum of 12 course credits completed.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards.
Students eligible for SALUTE will be contacted annually. The chapter councilor at LCCC is the Director of Returning Adult and Veteran Services.
Veterans Lounge
A vital hub where students can study, have a cup of coffee, use computer stations or just connect with peers. The lounge is equipped with a flat-screen television, mini kitchenette, CAC reader and Wi-Fi access. Veteran lounges are located at the main campus, LCCC Tamaqua and the Lehigh Valley International Airport site.
myLCCC portal Veterans Community Page
Located under the “My Communities” section of the myLCCC portal, this is where veteran and military students will find information about the LCCC Veterans Club, up-to-date VA news, important links and other veteran/military related information.
LCCC Veteran Advisory Board
Comprised of local veteran organization leaders, employers, LCCC faculty, staff and veteran and military students focused on providing resources, support services and up-to-date information regarding veteran-related affairs. The knowledge and input of each committee member brings a unique and valuable perspective that better defines the veteran experience at LCCC.  

Veteran Support Team
Our dedicated team of professionals provides direction and support to military and veteran students as they navigate the educational experience. View a list of team members available to assist you.  

Leslie Bartholomew
Director of Returning Adult and Veteran Services
Phone: 610-799-1545

Diane Stanus
Registration Student Record Specialist/Veterans Certifying Official
Phone: 610-799-1177

Erin Vermeulen
Student Services Assistant

Robin Diehl
Financial Aid Assistant

Lauren Falgout 
Assistant Professor, Counselor 

Kristen Lenhart
Disability Support, Learning Specialist