Transfer to LCCC

Please read each of the points to learn how to transfer your previous college credits to LCCC.                                         

  1. First apply to LCCC, see Online Application.If you know what program you would like to enter at LCCC you can schedule an advising appointment at (610)799-1189 or email
    • Click here if you are a Visiting Student -someone who is currently attending another college and would only like to take a course or two here at LCCC.
    • If you would like to discuss any of the programs offered at LCCC prior to registering for classes please schedule an appointment to meet with an Admissions Representative at 610-799-1575. 
  2. Submit official transcripts for each college attended, including any standardized exams, international coursework or military experience, and an official high school transcript or GED if you are applying to a restricted program of study. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly from the institution you attended to LCCC.  Have your college send official transcripts to:

    Registration and Student Records
    4525 Education Park Drive, Schnecksville, Pa. 18078.

    For official electronic transcripts please send to: 

  3. Transcript evaluations may only begin once a student has applied and been accepted to LCCC. All completed evaluations are sent to student's official LCCC emails; please allow one to two weeks for the evaluation to arrive. Evaluations will review all courses noted in the transcript. Meet with your advisor for a list of regional accrediting agencies.  
    • Military Experience
      • Students who wish to utilize their military training must submit their official DD 214 and/or military transcript. For more information click here.  For information on Veterans Benefits and how to apply click here.
    • Foreign Credentials and Credit from International Universities
      • Students who have credits from a foreign university or completed high school coursework outside the United States, must have their transcripts reviewed by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, NACES  accredited credential evaluation service, such as World Evaluation Services WES, or Education Credential Evaluators ECE.  If you are unsure about this process, please contact your assigned advisor, or
    • Standardized Examinations
      • Standardized tests measure a person's knowledge of the material covered in introductory college courses. For an evaluation of possible credit, the student must request that official transcripts of these tests be sent to LCCC. Possible credit can only be award for those with appropriate scores.
        • Advanced Placement (AP) is a part of The College Board. Under this program, the College grants credit to students who have completed college-level courses in approved secondary schools. Click here for a list of AP exams and minimum scores accepted at LCCC.
        • The College Level Examination Program (CLEP)is part of The College Board and is a national program of credit by examination. The college will grant credit based on appropriate scores. Click Here for a list of exams and minimum scores accepted at LCCC.
        • Excelsior College Examinations is a standardized national program. It offers examination in liberal arts, business, and technical areas.  To ensure your courses fit in your major contact your assigned advisor or  Challenge exam information for Anatomy and Physiology (for those nursing students who have successfully completed the equivalents of Bio 163-164 over the seven year time limit and are eligible for the exam; credit may be given for Bio 163 only. )
        • Defense Activity For Non-traditional Education Support Program (DANTES) is a standardized subject test offered in various college and technical subjects.
        • For information concerning Prior Learning Assessment, Challenge Examinations, and Credit for Business-related Non-collegiate Courses click here.
  4. For more comprehensive transfer guidelines please click here or see your advisor,
  5. Once all transcripts have been received, credits will be evaluated and, in a week or two, (depending on the number of transcripts ahead of yours) a notice will be sent to your LCCC student email address as to which courses, if any, have transferred to LCCC.  Please note that if you have not completed any math or English courses at your previous school, you will also need to schedule placement testing.  You may also need biology, chemistry, or keyboarding placement testing depending upon your major.  Please contact your advisor or an admissions representative.  Click here to see if your college is listed in the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center's list of equivalencies.
  6. If there are courses you need that have pre-requisites and your transcript has not yet been evaluated, you MUST bring in an unofficial copy of your transcript to your first advising appointment for verification that all pre-requisites have been met. With verification, an advisor can sign the registration card for a class, pending receipt of official transcript.
  7. To make an appointment with an advisor, call the Advising Office at 610-799-1189 or .  If you feel more courses should transfer to your program or you have changed your major, contact
See our Articulation Agreements