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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Students interested in transferring the current F1 Visa and I-20 to LCCC, should begin this process as soon as possible. Processing of the I-20 can take up to 15 days. Students who have not completed college-level math or English must complete placement testing. Official transcripts from all colleges where credit was taken must be sent to LCCC. If you have any questions, please email them to

Checklist and Instructions – Please print this along with the Application and the Affidavit of Support. This checklist will help ensure that you haven’t missed anything.

  1. Application for Admission – This document must be printed and sent along with all documents from letter B. below to the International Student Advisor.
  2. Financial Resource Statement – Affidavit of Support – You must print one per sponsor. This document must be printed and sent along with all documents from letter A. above to the International Student Advisor.
    1. Students with F1 Visas are not permitted unauthorized employment; therefore their sponsor is required to provide enough evidence to prove the student will not need to work for the duration of their studies.
    2. One affidavit of support form MUST be printed (page 1 and 2) for each financial sponsor. If you only have one person providing all support to you, then you need only print one form front and back. If one sponsor is providing housing and another is providing monetary funds, then you must print two pages front and back.
    3. Your financial sponsor must provide evidence that there are sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses for your first year (approximately $34,000) and sufficient income to cover for the duration of your studies here in the U.S. Proof, in the form of tax and salary information and a bank statement(s), is required.
      • Approximately $14,000 for tuition for one academic year.
      • Approximately $17,400 for housing, food, books, and other supplies (this is a very low amount).
      • Approximately $2,000 for health insurance.
      • Dependents-Supplemental Information Form for Dependents
        • Neither spouse nor any dependent may accept employment under any circumstances.
        • If a spouse is accompanying the student, $6,000 must be added; for each child add $4000.
    4. On the second page of each Affidavit is a space for the financial sponsor’s signature stating he/she is accepting financial responsibility for the student. If you are unsure what this means, please email the international student advisor for clarification before sending your packet; your application will not be accepted without it.
    5. All documents submitted must be in English and in U.S. dollars.
  3. Transfer In Request Form – Print this form and give it to your current international student advisor.
    • Inform your international advisor at your current school that you are interested in transferring to LCCC. Print the Transfer In Request form and give it to your advisor to complete and fax (610-799-1009) or mail to the address listed on the form.

Submit copies of your current I-20, passport and visa/I-94 with your International Student Application.

  1. Tuition Deposit and Application fee – $1,650 tuition deposit and $30 application fee ($1,680 total) to be submitted with application packet.
    • As part of the application packet, prospective international students must submit a tuition deposit of $1,650. This deposit is partial pre-payement of the first semester’s tuition.
    • It will be deducted from your first semester’s tuition bill once you arrive and register for classes.
    • In the event that you choose not to attend LCCC or your application has been denied, simply contact the international student advisor and inform her that a refund will be required; you will also need to return your I-20. The application fee is non-refundable.
    • Checks must be drawn from a U.S. bank and be payable in U.S. dollars to LCCC.
  2. High School and College Transcripts
    • If you are interested in one of our health care majors, you must have your high school record sent to LCCC; if you completed high school in your home country, it must be evaluated by a credential evaluation agency such as World Evaluation Services or Education Credential Evaluators. If you have net yet completed a college-level composition course in the U.S. you will be required to do English as a Second Language testing before attempting degree required classes.
    • In order to meet our credit-level ESL courses students should an intermediate or advanced command of the English language; as proof students should have minimum scores for  TOEFL score of 75 or  IELTS score of 6.5. An official score sheet is required as part of the application packet. Students who have completed the equivalent of ENG 105 with a C or better should submit official college records as proof.
    • Please have your college send an official transcript to the International Student Advisor. To be considered official, it must be stamped as such and sent via mail directly from your college to LCCC.
  3. Completed Application
    • Letters A., B., and C. above must be printed and sent in along with all required documentation and sent in together with a check or money order payable to LCCC for $1,680.

If you wish to deliver your application packet in person, please call 610-799-1577 or email to schedule an appointment.

You may also mail the packet to:
Mrs. Christine K. Flores, International Student Advisor, Lehigh Carbon Community College, 4525 Education Park Drive, Schnecksville, PA 18078. After all materials are received and reviewed; you will be notified by LCCC of you acceptance status. Please allow at least ONE week for processing.

If accepted, you must set up an appointment within 15 days of the Transfer Release date, with the International Student Advisor; you will then be issued a new I-20 which will reflect your transfer to LCCC.

Special Transfer Topics:

  • If you will be traveling outside of the United States before you attend LCCC, you must be issued a new I-20 prior to your departure from the U.S. It will also be helpful to register for classes before you leave.
  • You are required to send an official transcript from all colleges attended to the International Student Advisor. Unofficial transcripts can ONLY be used for verification of pre-requisites during course selection.
  • If decide not to transfer, it is important that you inform Foreign Student Advisor immediately.
  • If a student completes a course of study or OPT, the student is eligible for transfer through the end of the 60-day grace period. Be aware of the 5 month start-date limit to begin studies at your new school: you cannot remain in the U.S. if you are transferring to another institution and do not begin classes within 5 months of your transfer.
  •  If a student is currently on OPT, the OPT automatically terminates upon transfer.