For Parents

  • Why should my child enroll in the Dual Enrollment program? What are the benefits?

    The Dual Enrollment program at LCCC allows students to take courses that count toward high school graduation. The college credits you earn can be used at LCCC to complete a two-year degree or can be transferred to many colleges and universities throughout the country. Here’s how it benefits you.

    • Time Savings- Earning credits towards your college degree while in high school gives you a head start in college.
    • Potential Money Savings- As part of an agreement with your school district, LCCC offers discounted tuition and waives the fees for dual enrollment students.
    • Access to LCCC services and facilities- Access to the LCCC Rothrock Library and its online resources.
    • Experience college level course work- Learn the expectations of college level work.
  • How do I get started?
    The process is quick and easy! Begin by checking with your high school guidance counselor or homeschool evaluator for approval. Once your student is approved, complete and submit a high school application at Your student will have to take a placement test at the college unless he/she exempts out. From there we will need you to fill out the registration card. Payment is due at the time of registration.
  • How much does Dual Enrollment cost?

    Dual Enrollment students enjoy a discounted tuition rate based on their residency. Contact Dual Enrollment program coordinator (610) 799-1120 or email her at for individualized answers.

  • Where are the courses offered?

    Courses are offered either at any of the LCCC campuses, online, or at your high school depending on the course. 

    *Please note that classes held at LCCC run on the college schedule while classes held at the high school run on the high school schedule.

  • How do I know what my child should take?

    Incoming LCCC students get an academic advisor to help select courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements as well as gain advanced college credits.

  • How old does my student need to be to enroll in the Dual Enrollment program?

    Check with your school district guidance counselor. LCCC will accept students of any age, subject to placement testing.

  • Does LCCC provide transportation to my student?
    All student transportation should be worked out between the high school and the student’s guardians.
  • What services is my student eligible for?

    Dual enrollment students have a right to any and all resources, services, and facilities that traditional college students have access to. This includes the library, educational support services, and wellness center.

  • How do I know my student’s grades?

    All grades can be obtained by the student by logging into the LCCC portal.