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Mark Case is an instructor at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, Pa., a 33-year veteran chemistry teacher of Emmaus High School in Emmaus, Pa., and a Dreyfus Master Teacher.

He is an experienced consultant in both chemistry and educational technology, having developed a guidebook for improving science education as a member of the College Board’s AP Vertical Team in Science Committee and writing items for the SAT II and ACT chemistry exams. 

Case served as a computer applications instructor for the Summer Chemistry Institutes at Princeton University, creating the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (WWNFF) chemistry webpage and sharing leadership of its CHEM6 chemistry team. As a leader of WWNFF CHEM6, Case presented more than 14 one-week TORCH institutes for chemistry teachers throughout the country. He continues to present both pre-AP science and AP chemistry workshops as an endorsed College Board consultant. 

Case directed numerous technology workshops for science teachers and presented several topics at American Chemical Society meetings, Chemistry Education conferences, National Science Teachers Association meetings as well as Phillips-Exeter Math, Science and Technology conferences. 

Case’s most notable awards include the 1994 Tandy Technology Scholars Award, selection as the DaVinci Science Center’s Master Teacher in 2006 and being a multi-year, state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.

Krys Roberts is a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard of 6 years where she is a Water Purification Specialist. She has just completed a one-year tour of active duty in Kuwait, where she served as the Environmental Officer and also managed a HAZMAT site containing wastewater from washing aircraft.  Thank you for your service!

She graduated from Lehigh Carbon Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Environmental Science in 2018. She is currently earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Chemistry from Kutztown University. She has two years of experience as a lab aide in, chemistry, microbiology, biology and physics. Upon graduating from Lehigh Carbon Community College, Krystaglynn was the recipient of the Distinction in Science Award. She has also received three Army Achievement Medals as well as held the title of Battalion Soldier of the Year for two years.

To request Mark or Krys to help co-teach an experiment in your classroom, or to borrow equipment and materials to complete an experiment independently, go to the Mobile Educator Visits page.