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Lehigh Carbon Community College

FALL INTERNSHIP DEADLINE: The deadline for Fall internship participation is in March.
SPRING INTERNSHIP DEADLINE: The deadline for Spring internship participation is in September.

A 225 hour 3 credit internship is a required component of the Paralegal Studies degree program. It is an elective in the certificate program, however, it is strongly recommended that students without legal experience participate in the internship.

A majority of course work must be completed prior to participating in the internship experience. An interested student must submit an application and a resume. The student is also required to complete and pass an internship test.

Internship sites are not guaranteed and the student may have to secure an intern site on his/her own.

Paralegal Studies students may be  responsible for locating and selecting internship placement sites. Students are responsible for presenting credential levels required by the internship site. It is the sole discretion of the internship site and future employers as to what level of credentialing is required by the position roles. Students who possess a “record” status may experience limitations in available internship placements and future employment in the paralegal field.

Internship sites secure by the student are subject to pre approval by the program coordinator and must meet all internship course requirements.

Internship opportunities exist in law firms, corporations, and court-related services. For more information, check the course description in the college catalog or contact the Paralegal Studies program coordinator.