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Welcome to LCCC Online

We offer two different course formats, online and hybrid.  Both of these formats provide convenience and flexibility.  Each course has scheduled due dates for forums, assignments, and tests. All online courses require a textbook and some require special software. Your instructor is available to guide you through the online experience.  The courses in our programs are available in different lengths throughout the year.

  • During the Fall and Spring semesters we offer programs and courses in a 10-week and 15-week formats.
  • Classes during the Summer are either 5 or 10 weeks long.
  • In the shorter formats, students are expected to meet the same learning objectives as those in the 15-week courses. The schedule is simply condensed.

In addition to online and hybrid courses, LCCC offers web-enhanced face-to-face courses. You can read some more information about the different types of courses that we offer by clicking on Types of Courses link on this webpage's navigation.

The Department of Online Learning offices are open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  If you have any questions about what we are able to do for you or the online learning management system, WebStudy, contact us.

All students are entitled to the same support services such as Admissions, Library, Counseling, Advising, Bookstore Services, and more.

LCCC Online Learning