Electrical Technology A.A.S. (ELT)

Attention This is an overview of the program. The course sequencing is meant to serve as a guideline for your semester planning. Please note that the scheduling of courses, program sequencing and curriculum are subject to change.

This program is designed to prepare the student for employment as an electrical/electronic technician. The program provides students with knowledge and experiences in the areas of electrical wiring, blueprint reading, analog and digital electronics, programmable controllers and industrial control systems.

Jobs for which graduates are expected to be qualified include electrical/electronic technician, field engineer, industrial maintenance technician, industrial equipment installer, and technical sales representative.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • use electrophysical sensors to measure such conditions as light, heat, pressure, and motion to control and operate power devices.
  • design ladder diagrams to provide specific control sequences using solenoid pneumatic and hydraulic valves for a given control problem.
  • interpret commercial and industrial electrical blueprints.
  • design ladder diagrams to provide specific logic functions for a given industrial control problem.
  • demonstrate effective communication skills by writing technical reports based on laboratory experiences.
  • demonstrate critical thinking/problem solving abilities by analyzing a nonfunctioning electrical circuit, determining the problem, and restoring circuit operation.
  • demonstrate interpersonal relations, teamwork, and work ethics through group laboratory projects.
  • demonstrate an ability to use and apply mathematical quantitative reasoning to design basic functional electronic circuits.
  • demonstrate an ability to use and work with computers by writing laboratory reports using a word processing package.
First Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
BGT 110 Fundamentals of Technology 3
ELE 120 DC Circuits 4
ELE 130 Digital Fundamentals 4
MAT 130* Industrial Mathematics 3
HAC 119 Construction Print Reading 3
Semester Total 17
Second Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ELE 165 AC Circuits 4
ELE 175 Introduction to Microprocessors 4
ENG 105 College English I 3
HAC 140 Electrical Maintenance I 3
Semester Total 14
Third Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ELE 210 Electronic Circuits 4
ELE 215 Industrial Electronics 2
ELE 235 Programmable Controllers 2
HAC 160 Residential Wiring 3
PHY 201 Introduction to Physics I 4
Semester Total 15
Fourth Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ELE 250 Commercial and Industrial Wiring 3
HAC 155 Electrical Maintenance II 3
ENG 107** Technical Writing 3
Elective Social Science/Humanities 6
Semester Total 15
Credit Total 61

*MAT 160 or higher level courses will also satisfy the mathematics requirement.

**ENG 106 may be substituted for ENG 107. Students Occupationally and Academically Ready