Early Childhood Education Director / Specialized Diploma (ECDD)

Attention This is an overview of the program. The course sequencing is meant to serve as a guideline for your semester planning. Please note that the scheduling of courses, program sequencing and curriculum are subject to change.

This program is intended for students who already hold a credential in Teacher Education and are currently employed and/or plan to move into a director or assistant director position. The primary purpose of this program is to enhance knowledge and skills for early childhood directors/administrators. This specialized credit diploma program qualifies as the PA Pathways Director Core Certificate program.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • formulate a program management plan.
  • demonstrate active participation in professional development and leadership endeavors.
  • advocate for best practices through collaborative relationships with families and staff in an early childhood center.
Summer Session
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ECE 225
or EDU 210
The Early Childhood Professional
Behavior Management and Guidance Practices
ECE 230 The Director With Vision 3
ECE 235 Program Organization and Management 3
Elective (Select 6 credits) Accounting (ACC), Business (BUS), Computers/Technology (CIS),
Early Childhood Education (ECE), Education (EDU), or Special Education (SED)
Credit Total 15