Accounting Certificate (ACCC)

Attention This is an overview of the program. The course sequencing is meant to serve as a guideline for your semester planning. Please note that the scheduling of courses, program sequencing and curriculum are subject to change.

This program will provide students with accounting skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions in business as an accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, purchasing clerk or as a bookkeeper. Credits may be
applied toward the A.A.S. degree in Accounting.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • describe and illustrate basic financial accounting concepts and principles.
  • create and utilize management accounting information for decision-making purposes.
  • demonstrate the accounting and reporting of equity in a business.
  • apply accounting concepts and principles for preparing and analyzing financial statements and business operations. 
  • apply financial and cost accounting principles and procedures to a manufacturing business.
  • demonstrate and integrate computer literacy within an accounting framework.
  • recognize ethical problems in business.
  • apply legal principles, particularly rules of contracts, to all business activities.
  • Gainful Employment Disclosure Information
First Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ACC 160 Principles of Accounting I 3
BUS 120 Introduction to Business Organization 3
CIS 105 Introduction to Computers and Applications 3
Semester Total 9
Second Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ACC 161 Principles of Accounting II 3
ACC 205 Income Tax Accounting 3
Semester Total 6
Third Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ACC 201 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACC 203 Cost/Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 209 Business Communications 3
Semester Total 9
Fourth Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
ACC 202 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACC 262 Accounting Information Systems 3
BUS 241 Business Law I 3
Semester Total 9
Credit Total 33

Accounting (Certificate)

Approximate Cost of Program

Books: 2,200 Fees: 891 Tuition: 3,300
Books: 2,200 Fees: 1,188 Tuition: 6,600
Out of State    
Books: 2,200 Fees: 1,485 Tuition: 9,900
Schuylkill County    
Books: 2,200 Fees: 1,188 Tuition: 4,950
  • On-Campus Room & Board: Not Offered

Length of Program Intended time to complete: 24 months

Students Occupationally and Academically Ready