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Lehigh Carbon Community College


Lehigh Carbon Community College strives to maximize the potential of all learners, maintain educational standards, take an active role in community and workforce development, and become a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mission Statement

Lehigh Carbon Community College dedicates itself to empowering learners through a variety of equitable and affordable educational pathways and services to achieve their individual academic and career goals.

Value Statement

As a student-centered learning institution, Lehigh Carbon Community College values:

Create learning environments and experiences that allow students to identify and achieve their goals.

Civic Engagement and Service Learning
Encourage leadership and civic responsibility through academic studies, student activities and community participation.

Continuous Improvement
Make decisions based on assessment, solid planning, and effective management of resources.

Attract, develop and retain a diverse team of employees, provide support and encourage them to work collaboratively and to understand their role in student success.

Build a community that fosters a universal sense of belonging.

Instructional Excellence
Engage and challenge students, advance intellectual curiosity and promote lifelong learning.

Develop foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills, and self-awareness that advance intellectual, ethical, and social responsibility.

Cultivate relationships that provide innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to promote economic development and workforce needs.

Student Development
Foster individual growth, leadership and service, and intentionally support holistic development through opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Equity Statement

Lehigh Carbon Community College embraces, celebrates, and champions diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. We are committed to building an inclusive community in which everyone feels welcome, respected, and safe to engage fully in learning. We expect everyone – faculty, staff, students, and visitors – to participate thoughtfully, using language and behavior free from bias, discrimination, and prejudice.