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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Important Note

After a review of how we can best align with the college’s Strategic Plan and use our creative resources wisely, the Office of College Relations has a new way of considering project requests and developing creative materials.

The Office of College Relations prioritizes work that has the potential to make the largest impact for the college. This includes projects that impact student recruitment and admissions, as well as projects that enhance the college’s image and reputation locally, regionally and beyond. Further, to ensure consistent, cohesive design that best advances the college’s image, the Office of College Relations retains creative authority on the projects we work on for you, unless there is previously established branding.

What does this mean for you?
You may still submit your project request below. We will review your submission and one of our team members will be in touch if necessary. By submitting this request, you agree that the Office of College Relations maintains creative authority on the project, and will make sure that the piece fulfills the goals you have set.

Submit your project request below by selecting the link most closely related to your request. All video requests should be sent directly to Linda Baker and/or Jill Yapsuga. If you are submitting a request for the reprinting of an already existing piece, please work with the Duplicating Center directly.