LCCC Offers Civilian Firearms Training and ACT 235 Security Officer Training for Fall 2020

published Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC), a certified training center specified by the Pennsylvania Training Commission, offers a wide variety of courses designed for retired   police officers, Act 235 security officers and civilians who possess firearms or carry any variety of self-defense tools.
A Basic Lethal Weapons (Act 235) class with firearms will be held Monday through Friday, Oct. 12-16, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a fee of $389 (includes text). Training takes place at both LCCC’s main campus in Schnecksville and Emmaus Indoor Range.
Act 235 (Lethal Weapons) Recertification Classes and Recertification for the Retired Law Enforcement Officer ID Act are offered from August through December. Firearms/Decision-Making Skills for the Responsible Gun Owner, which includes a full day at Emmaus Indoor Range, will offer courses in September, November and December.
In addition, individual courses can be scheduled upon request for the following:
Any type of public safety customized training to meet organizational needs
Basic Lethal Weapons without Firearms and Recertification
Basic Lethal Weapons Firearms Only
Lethal Weapons/Act 235 Re-Testing
Firearms/Force Options Orientation
Handcuffing and Recertification
Pepper Spray and Recertification
Expandable Baton Training and Recertification
De-escalation Training
Active Attacker Training
Managing Aggressive People and Recertification
Taser X26/X2 Certification and Recertification
Private Shooting Range Training
Force on Force/Simunitions Scenario Training
For a complete listing, including dates, times and fees, visit
For more information, contact or call 610-799-1780. To register, call 610-799-1197 or email