LCCC Offers Civilian Firearms Training and ACT 235 Security Officer Training

published Thursday, January 16, 2020
Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC), a certified training center specified by the Pennsylvania Training Commission, offers a wide variety of courses designed for retired   police officers, Act 235 security officers and civilians who possess firearms or carry any variety of
self-defense tools.
The following courses are offered from January through June:
Act 235 (Lethal Weapons) Basic and Recertification Classes
Firearms/Decision-Making Skills for the Responsible Gun Owner (includes full day at range)
Qualification for the Retired Law Enforcement Officer ID Act
For a complete listing, including dates, times and fees, visit
In addition, individual courses can be scheduled upon request for the following:
Any type of public safety customized training to meet organizational needs
Firearms/Decision Making Orientation
Handcuffing/Pepper Spray/Expandable Baton Training
De-escalation Training
Active Shooter Training
Taser X26/X2 Certification and Recertification
Private Firearms Range Training
For more information, contact or call 610-799-1780. To register, call 610-799-1197 or email