LCCC Donley Center Street Art Finalists Announced

published Monday, May 6, 2019
The five finalists for Lehigh Carbon Community College’s street art project at the Donley Center in downtown Allentown have been named. The five artists will create a mural along the blank wall of the alley side of the Donley Center, “Wall on Hall,” that expresses diversity.
The mural installation expresses the individual visions of the five artists that will be painted on panels measuring 15 feet wide by 8 feet tall on Hall Street. Each artists’ design represents the themes of diversity, equity and inclusion. The transformation of a blank wall into a piece of art will reflect the ongoing transformation of the City of Allentown.
This public art project has received funding support from the PA Council on the Arts and Lehigh Valley Arts Council. Artists will begin installation in May and they will be completed by late June, with an unveiling and artist reception scheduled in July.

The artists and their works are:

Pedro J. LeDee, Jr., of Allentown, has created vibrant murals throughout the Lehigh Valley, inspiring his community through art. His "City Life” mural is a vibrant and engaging piece that will promote diversity and acceptance, within our melting pot of a community. By using surrealistic imagery, the "City Life" mural will tell the story of growing up and graduating in the city without limits.

Albert Negron III, of Bethlehem, creates compositions featuring bright colors and urban designs, as religion harbors his creativity and passion to create. His "Hands on Love” piece was created to show unification. That different people from different backgrounds can come together to edify one purpose: Love.

Alex Ortiz, born and raised in Allentown, draws inspiration from the city that surrounds him and his involvement in the LGBTQ community. His “Allentown PRIDE” painting showcases the connection between the city of Allentown and the LGBTQ community with a message of acceptance, equality, unity and diversity. 

Corey Reifinger grew up in the Lehigh Valley and now lives in Philadelphia. He has worked as a designer for over 10 years and pulls from those experiences to create clean, innovative images. His “Neighbors” piece is inspired by the harmless and intimate voyeurism of an urban community. In cities like Allentown, a diverse base of people from various backgrounds live closely to one another, sometimes unknowingly weaving the personality of the community. Regardless of cultural, political or social identity, everyone shares a similar concept of what home is, and what makes it special to them. 

Camille Stanley, of New Tripoli, has created art since childhood and looks to her social environments for inspiration and drive. Her “Lo-Fi Streets” piece displays aging buildings, street art and graffiti that are what make the city of Allentown so beautiful. All of these forms of art are included in this piece and they all make up the foundation of what Allentown is about.